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A brief history of Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club

Armstrong Sidddeley is one of the great Coventry marques and was amongst the leading manufacturers of quality British cars with products that were recognised around the globe as standing for the best of British manufacturing. Car production ended in 1960, but the company and its decendants provided spare parts until 1972.

The Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club was formed in the early 1960’s to help owners maintain and preserve their cars and to promote interest in Armstrong Siddeley and other makes associated with Siddeley, such as Deasy Siddeley and Wolseley Siddeley. In 1972 it took over the spare parts operation that at that time was being run by Rolls Royce.

Over 50 years on from its beginnings the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club flourishes as a vibrant club with around 800 members and branches all round the world from America to Australia and Norway to Malaysia, attesting to the remarkable appeal of the fine cars of Armstrong Siddeley Motors and commemorating the people who made them.

The Club runs a comprehensive spares service, covering both new & second hand parts for pre-war and post-war models. An ongoing remanufacturing programme ensures that owners will continue to be able to run their cars in the future. The club holds the orginal factory drawings for parts and all parts which the Club produces are made to original factory specifications or better – something no other supplier can claim.

Club activities include a busy social calendar, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the pleasures of owning an Armstrong Siddeley. This can be reinforced by family membership which entitles any two members of a family to join at reduced rates, with two votes at Club meetings.

Anyone interested in joining the ASOC should contact the Membership Secretary:-

Peter Sheppard,
57. Berberry Close,
B30 1TB
Telephone: 0121 459 0742

You do not have to own an Armstrong Siddeley to join, just share our enthusiasm for the marque.