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We have been having some fun with grommets and rubber hoses this month.

Fuel PipesHave you found your car has a dribble when filling her with fuel? We now have the flexible connector hoses for the fuel filler pipe 16hp, 18hp, 4” diameter (EN54873) and for the Sapphire, 346 and Star 2” diameter (2150391) in stock. These pipes are made to endure the corrosive nature of current petrol ethanol levels. We also have the grommet that go between the metal filler pipe and the body for both models too, AS1069 and 2511877 respectively. If you need the metal filler pipe for the 346 or Star we have those too.


Following in a similar vein, we have a new batch of Spark plug tube grommets (EN60961) that go between the rocker cover and sparkplug tube on 234, 346 and Stars. In addition we also have the copper washers (EN62008) the seal between the tube and cylinder head, and the grommets that go on the HT lead to hold the caps (EN61853) over the spark plug shrouds.

Changing tack we aim to keep as many critical mechanical items in stock. To this end we have just had a fresh supply of master cylinders for the Star, (EN66848) these also fit the last 170 of the Sapphire 346, from chassis No. 347401 We also hold new or reconditioned wheel cylinders, these pictured are the same for all Mk2 346, 236 and 234 (390276 & 390277) and of course all brake hoses for all post war cars.

Brake cylinder

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Nick Bale - Stores Manager

Posted in Stores on the 5th December 2015 at 4:11pm.