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The Rebuilding of Sir Malcolm Campbell's Hurricane

Unrestored Hurricane

When Swiss club member Claudio Lasagni purchased the ex-Sir Malcolm Campbell early Hurricane a few years ago, he was aware that the car needed a major restoration but the full extent of the work involved was not readily apparent. However for such an important car Claudio was prepared to undertake a full nut and bolt restoration taking the car completely apart. The car had been found in a fairly damp garage where it had been stored for many years and so there was a considerable amount of corrosion to be dealt with. But the car was still in Sir Malcolm's "Bluebird" blue colour.

The first task was to strip the car completely and dip all metal parts to remove the corrosion, an operation which left many panels needing rebuilding or replacing. This panel work is now largely finished but it did entail the virtual complete remanufacturing of the doors and running boards.

Hurricane panel fitHurricane interior



Claudio lives in Switzerland but regularly visits the UK, sometimes in his Sapphire 346. We are all looking forward to the time when one of those visits will be with his beautifully restored and important Hurricane.

Hurricane rebuild continues

Posted in Restoration on the 4th December 2014 at 9:04pm.